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DSM Subcommittee Chairman

Dan Mansergh
2601 Mariposa St.
San Francisco, California 94110
United States

Dan Mansergh is the Chief Technology Officer for KQED, where he oversees technology and broadcast operations for one of the premier public media organizations in the country. Since joining KQED in 2000, Dan has managed a series of major projects including a comprehensive rebuild of KQED Public Radio's San Francisco production and transmission facilities, acquisition and construction of an additional station and production center in Sacramento and the development of unified media production systems for KQED's Radio, TV and Digital content producers.

To support increasingly converged technical infrastructure projects, Dan oversees a multidisciplinary technical team encompassing Radio Engineering and Operations, TV Engineering and Operations, Enterprise Systems R&D, IT and Facilities. Prior to his work with KQED, Dan was a staff engineer with the consulting engineering firm of Hammett & Edison, where he worked with clients to design new and improved transmission facilities for radio and television stations, specializing in non-commercial FM stations. Dan is the co-founder and Past President of the Association of Public Radio Engineers, serves as Chairman of the NRSC DSM Subcommittee, and writes for industry publications.